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The 3-8s Room and Staff

As toddlers become pre-schoolers we respond with a focus on self-managed activities as part of day-to-day play, such as dressing up, ‘cooking’ in the play kitchen and developing their independence skills.

Messy play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are also introduced. Safely managed and supervised, such activities nevertheless encourage respect, co-operation and personal choice and of course, they’re lots and lots of fun!

The children take part in circle time, as a group the children are encouraged to develop speech and language and taking turns this helps the child to develop into a happy member of nursery.

Outdoors also plays an important part in your child’s development, we explore our environment teaching children about nature and the world around them.

We follow a structured theme each term to help us grow the knowledge the children have and to help them in understanding the daily structures they will have when they move on to school.

These are examples of the topics and the themes we use.

Pictures Showing Our Pre-Schoolers

Nursery Nurse


Stacey Walsh

The World Around us

Cultures and religions

Foods from around the word

Easter/Mothers day/Chinese New Year

Flags and maps

On the Farm



Jobs on the Farm


Fathers Day/Ramadan

All About Me

Self portraits

Family Photos

Body Parts eyes, nose, mouth etc

Easter/Mothers Day

On The Move



Ways of Moving

Leaves and Weather

Eid/Bonfire Night/Christmas and Divali

At The Seaside

Under the Sea



Creatures and Fish

Fathers Day/St Georges Day

People Who Help us

Uniform and Dressing up

Fire, Ambulance etc

Emergency Services

Snow and Weather


When the children get to the point of leaving us to move on to School we celebrate the time they have had with us and have a Graduation to mark such a special occasion. (See more on Graduation)