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Nursery Information

Cavendish Lodge Day Nursery has an experienced and highly qualified and vetted staff team. Come along and meet the team that ensure top quality childcare is being provided when your children are in our care, by arranging a visit.


The Management

Nursery Manager


Deputy Manager

Darren Smith

We have four playrooms in which babies and children are offered a wide range of activities to support their learning and development. Each room has a room supervisor along with practitioners who work within the room, ensuring continuity for all children.  New children and their families are invited for settling in visits upon enrolment, during these a practitioner will be assigned as the child’s key person. The role of the key person is to support the child as they settle into their new environment and help them feel safe and secure within it. The role of the key person is to build a relationship with the child and their parents/carers. We value parents/carers as their child’s most important educator so we work closely with parents to ensure their child’s needs are being met.

Please ask us if you have any questions on your child’s care or if you have any concerns no matter how small. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge which we are happy to share with you, to assist in the well being and development of the children we care for and the re-assurance of the parents/carers.

Rooms for the 0-2 year olds

Donna Kilby is the lead practitioner for the 0-2 age group. They have two play rooms that the children can use, dependant on the numbers and activities on any day.

Room for the 2-3 year olds

Kelly Warne has the responsibility for the 2-3 age group. The children’s room which is set up so they can access various areas of learning and play, with both child led and adult led activities.

Room for the 3-8 year olds

Sophie Nebard has the responsibility for the 3-8 age group. The children use the pre-school room which is set up  so they can access various areas of learning and play.

Kitchen & Nursery Menus

Our kitchen is  always busy for the nursery, either making snacks or cooking a meal for the children. Our chef has a grand time helping the children enjoy the food we prepare. Also assisting in the nursery when we do baking or food preparation with the children.